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We are a camp with the desire to kindle a spark in the hearts of young people. We want to help youth deepen their relationship with Jesus and give them the opportunity to make friends that will last for eternity. If you want to be part of an end-time group of young people preparing to take the message of God’s love to a dying world, PVYBC is for you!

Just think of waking to the sound of a trumpet, counting as you march to a cadence tune, socializing with friends at meal time, understanding profound Bible truths, learning practical skills, zooming over the Piedmont panorama, and hearing the crackle of a campfire as heart-searching stories are told. How could you miss out?

This is just a glimpse of the most awesome, most unforgettable experience you’ll have at Piedmont Valley Youth Bible Camp! You’ll find yourself on a physical, mental, and spiritual adventure that could change your life forever.